Red-bellied Woodpecker


This was fun to see!  Something caught my eye flying to and fro, and I think this was it! Glad that something landed and that I was able to get it in focus…


Simple sight. Lake delight.

As much as things change,

Things stay the same.

I hear they changed your name,

But these waters cannot be blamed…

We must bid farewell

As we move on, be well

Autumn leaves as always red and golden

Must suggest the fires of hell…

Fallen leaves, fleeting, I’m beholden…

Now, we have Good News to tell.


October 21, 2017

John 9:4

Who do you have to tell?…


I enjoyed these colorful dots at this garden! Buoyant, eye-catchy little things. At one point, as I rested my cam against the wall a chipmunk came in from behind the garden atop the wall and scurried to where I was. Determined squatter. How a cute critter can cause me a stir is beyond me! (It did sound like a larger animal making its way to me.)